Building the house is a long process. For an individual, who have to do their jobs and all other normal life routines, it becomes very tough to build their own Home. Because for building your own dream house, many tasks have to be done by an individual like;

• Buying the Land

• Getting Approval from Local Authorities

• Design by Architect

• Hiring Contractor

• Sourcing Material

• Supervision of Construction Period

All in all, constructing your own house can take about 6 to 12 months, that also includes your time and personal attention towards this project. Not only this, but there are also many other petty things that one has to take care to complete their house on time. One of the biggest risks in your house project is that there might be a chance that you may run overbudget and as you don’t have any technical expertise, so you cannot be sure about the quality of work. This is the reason that people prefer to buy their home through house and land packages. Looking into benefits of house and land packages from Eastern Suburbs, this seems to be a logical choice.

1. Simplification: You don’t have to buy land, hire the contractor or source the material. There is no effort in taking approval for construction from local authorities. You just have to visit different houses from the various builder and select the house which you think fit in your requirement.

2. Turnkey: The foremost advantage of buying the house from house and land package, is that you don’t have to wait for it, to get possession. Usually, the house is already completed and on in ending phase of its construction. The buyer will get the finished house in a short time, that will save your money and time.

3. Design options: The house and land packages as becoming a new trend in the housing construction industry. The different builder develops their project where they offer different design and sizes of houses. This gives a good opportunity to the buyers because they can select from a variety of house designs. This can also help buyers to get competitive prices for their desired houses.

4. Financing: When you will be buying a house by house and land package. It will be easy to get financing. As in this case, it will be treated as single leases whereas in other cases, you have to get the separate lease for land and house.

5. All Cost: You don’t have to make a list of expenses in this case. As all the cost will be included in your buying price. The builder has already taken care of all type of expenses needed for construction of the house. Every type of legality has been taken care of and paid off.

6. Insurance Rate: When you will be buying a new house and from the renowned builder, it can help you to get better insurance rates. This will help to save money for you in the long run.