As the name represent the hydrographic is the field in which surveys are performed for underwater environment. The people who perform this job are knowns are the ideal hydrographic surveyor and sometimes also referred as the hydrographers. These people are highly specialised people who have in depth knowledge of the data acquiring of the onshore and offshore environments of marine. These hydrographic surveys are done in order to find and determine the routes of the ships because these provide the areas where the seabeds are, what shape they have and how shallow or deep the water is in certain parts. A careful analysis is done to ensure that which of the sandbanks could be dangerous.

What are the duties of the hydrographic surveyor?

The duties of the hydrographic surveyor comprise of the preparation of detailed plans about the seabeds, waterways, harbours to calculate the depth, shape and contours of these. These people utilize various latest technologies to determine these and their work includes the knowledge of the geometric and geospatial concepts and methods. The hydrographic surveyor based on the collection of the data that he acquires draws maps and charts as well. The common kind of the technologies that are used these days in the work of the hydrographic surveyor includes the satellite positioning, CAD and drilling rigs. To gain more ideas about this surveyor you can see this page and they can give a reliable information.

The information that they are required to gather could be used for one of the following purposes.

• It could be used to determine what affects a development of marine would have on the hydro environments. Not only it could be a new development but it could also be an existing one.

• Charts that these hydrographic surveyors make could be vital for navigations of various ships and not only do these determine new routes and waterways but also determine that the routes already being used by the ships are not compromised by erosions or silting.

• Another very useful application of the information and data gathered by the hydrographic surveyor is that these could be used to locate the minerals buried underwater and could also be used in the search of some lost part of some planes or ships which sank.

• Apart from this, the hydrographic surveyors also help in the assessing the environmental impacts of any developments near water, plans the installation of the dock and also provide advice where the wind turbines, underwater cabling as well as the oil rigs could be installed.

Where the hydrographic surveyor work?

There are multiple industries who employee the hydrographic surveyors and some of these include the authorities of the port and the harbor, the national charting companies, navies, organisation of coastal protection as well the offshore exploration. Sometimes the software and equipment companies also employ these and in some cases, the hydrographic surveyor could also work independently and freelance.