Air conditioners are one major electric appliance that are installed in various buildings or carried on along to different camping adventures. These can of different types depending upon the sort of usage required from them. If one has to move from place to place, the tent air conditioner in Australia is suitable for his activities. Similarly, if the air supply needs to install from one room to another, portable evaporative air conditioner is commonly used. The latter one is usually present in residential apartments. Both of these have homologous functions, however, the structural characteristics and internal working differs from one model to another.

Types of tent air conditioner

The air conditioners best suited for camping and short trips to mountain areas are the tent air conditioner. This consists on refrigerator filled AC or a fan in the machine. In markets, there are different varieties of tent similar air conditioners which can be used for identical purposes. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below

  • Personal evaporative cooler
  • Portable air conditioner
  • Large evaporative air coolers
  • Zero breeze air conditioners
  • Window stand air coolers referred as genuine air conditioners
  • Mini portable AC
  • Cordless portable AC etc.

Tent air conditioner of all these kinds is employed in all sizes like most commonly of medium-sized range. All of them are rechargeable either by USB or battery with adjustable air flow current through fan speed. These are available everywhere in electronic marketplace with guarantee.  Therefore, if one has work in a private cabin or need to have a trip in a tent the variable styledtent air conditioneris perfect cooling device.

Operating procedure of portable evaporative air conditioner

Most prominently and popularly seen AC present in residential buildings of town and citiesis the portable evaporative air conditioner. The biggest advantage of investing in these air conditioners is there high cooling generation power with less consumption of energy in a very effective way. The portable evaporative air conditioner is also called as swap cooler, as it can move from one place to another with the help of wheels. Like most of all other ACs, these also use water to cool naturally, however, as a result do not produce any mist or fog while cooling.

The operating procedure of portable evaporative air conditioner is simple and uncomplicated. The machine is fitted with a fan which pulls air inside over where the circulating air moves over the wet pads. The liquid slides pass the pads, converting the water into vapors and mist thrown by the fan outside the conditioners. Thus, it is eco-friendly evaporative cooling machinery opted in almost every other house due to its lower energy utilization and comfortable working.


Tent air conditioner is seen basically in tents and cabins. These are of different configuration with less complicated model structure. The highest cooling power generation is associated with portable evaporative air conditioner due to high fan speed movement and safe use of electricity.